YES on 1032

I was very pleased to see that LB 1032, the bill designed to expand Medicaid to 77,000 working Nebraskans who fall in a health insurance coverage gap, passed through committee and will be taken up by our legislature.


As the school board member representing the neighborhoods of downtown and South Omaha, and the son of Peruvian immigrants that worked multiple jobs to take care of our family, this is an issue that hits close to home. More than 4,500 Omahans in my district alone, many of whom are the parents of students who attend our public schools, do not have health insurance because they can not afford private insurance and do not currently qualify for Medicaid. Parents who work hard every day should never have to choose between putting healthy food on the table for their kids and making sure they have access to quality, affordable health care.

I strongly support expanding Medicaid to cover the 77,000 working Nebraskans that still fall in a health insurance coverage gap. It’s a common sense solution that will keep our workers healthy, which will keep our communities and families strong, and will keep our economy growing.

The federal government is obligated by law to always cover at least 90 percent of the cost of this program -- with tax dollars we Nebraskans are already sending them. This is a win-win for us, and I urge all of our elected representatives in the unicameral to support hardworking Nebraskans by supporting this legislation.

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