Lincoln Journal Star: Tony Vargas may be Nebraska's Latino legislative voice

Big year for Tony Vargas.

He's getting married July 9 and he may be standing at the threshold of becoming the only Latino member of the Nebraska Legislature in January.

That's still up to the voters in his multi-layered but heavily Latino legislative district to decide in November, but Vargas emerged from the primary election at the head of a three-candidate pack.

"I'll be fighting for hard-working families," Vargas said. "That means working for Medicaid expansion, jobs, economic development and quality of life."

Vargas said, he is focused on issues important to people in the district.

"I feel very, very fortunate," he said. "It's very rewarding to spend almost every day talking to families. In this district, titles don't mean anything. What matters is respect for individuals.

"People are very welcoming. I am very lucky," he said.

"I want to improve the quality of life for families who don't normally get a seat at the table," Vargas said. "Those families are my family."

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