Journal Star: Looking at the political dynamic in 2016 Legislature

As a registered Republican who represents a heavily Democratic district that encompasses a broad swath of South Omaha and downtown Omaha, [Nicole] Fox faces a political challenge as she maneuvers her first legislative session.

The 7th District field of challengers already includes former Sen. John Synowiecki and Tony Vargas, an Omaha school board member whose Latino roots are a match for heavily Latino South Omaha. Both are Democrats.

This legislative session that begins Wednesday at 10 a.m. is the 60-day short version that occurs in even-numbered years. It's scheduled to adjourn on April 19, a month after winter has turned into spring.

Senators are elected on a nonpartisan ballot and the fact of life in the Legislature is that they do act independently outside of party control. However, both political parties take into account a legislative candidate's voter registration and positions on issues in deciding whether to provide campaign resources that can help them get elected.


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