Local Jobs

Icon_Jobs.pngTony believes the best way to support community development is by supporting our greatest asset -- our people.


As the youngest son of two parents who work in the manufacturing industry, Tony knows that job creation is a priority for Nebraska. Tony is committed to working closely with employers, labor groups, and educational institutions to create good paying jobs, expand skill and job training programs to ensure we have a highly qualified workforce, and reduce barriers for individuals to find and maintain jobs and open up businesses.

bank.jpgAs an Omaha Public Schools Board Member, he has strongly supported the district’s move to partner with local companies, ensuring that more tax dollars are reinvested in our communities and sparking job growth. Tony will continue to advocate for long-term economic growth policies that reinvest in the skills and energy that already exist in our communities. These include better support for small businesses and startups, closing the gap between education and careers, and expanding career pipelines to ensure unemployed Nebraskans have an opportunity to get and keep a job. 

In the Legislature, you can count on Tony to continue to fight for hardworking Nebraska families and be a voice for small businesses.


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