Economic Opportunity

Icon_Star.pngTony is the son of Peruvian immigrants who fought every day to ensure that he and his brothers had a bright future. Tony is committed to ensuring that every Nebraskan has an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. 


Tony's parents moved to the United States to live the American Dream. They worked hard to make sure that he and his brothers had a bright future, full of opportunities that they didn’t have in Peru. Tony learned perseverance, the value of community, and the importance of a good education from their example, and those lessons have shaped his life. He became a first generation college graduate and started his career as a public school teacher, helping students realize their full potential. Tony met his wife, Lauren, when they were both teachers, and they have seen and experienced first hand how critical good public schools are in providing a strong educational foundation that can dramatically impact the lives of children, communities, and local economies.

Tony believes that all children should have access to high quality preschool programs, strong public schools, and affordable college and job training programs that prepare them for successful careers; that all workers should be able to support their families by earning a living wage, paid family medical leave, and affordable child care; that workers shouldn't be discriminated against based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, pregnancy, or disability; and that women deserve equal pay for equal work. 

Tony is committed to supporting public policies that give every Nebraskan a fair shot and equal opportunity to live their own American Dream. 

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